With BOCCO, I Can Send a Message to My Dad Anytime I Want Because It Won’t Interrupt His Work in the Way a Phone Call Would.

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When we first took BOCCO home, our kids didn’t know what to make of it. They quickly began using it, though, once we had them play around with it.
It can be difficult to reach me by phone during the day because I may be away from my desk. My kids also don’t want to catch me in the middle of work. BOCCO, on the other hand, allows us to communicate at our own paces. BOCCO has made it so much easier for me to respond to their messages. BOCCO is simple to use, and that explains why I receive many messages from my wife and children every day.

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The kids send me messages, saying things like, “Let’s play a game when you get home.” They have also been sending me some allusive messages lately in hopes that I take a hint and buy them what they want. (Laughter)

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We purchased BOCCO so we can stay in communication when some of us are not home. In reality, though, we talk a lot on it when all of us are home. When the kids are fighting, for example, we would have BOCCO tell them, “Be quiet.” It’s very effective.