Because It’s So Easy to Send Messages on BOCCO, We Talk on It a Lot As If We Were Sitting Together at Home.

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I snuck BOCCO into our living room and left it there one night because I wanted to surprise my kids.
The next morning, their first reaction was, “What in the world is this?”
They seemed very curious and began poking around the robot.

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Sending messages on BOCCO is so easy that we talk a lot on it. We tend to message each other on a whim. I would ask the kids things like, “How is the study going?” The kids also send me spontaneous messages like, “What does a pinch hitter mean?” This one came when they were watching a baseball game on TV with their mom and the broadcaster mentioned the word “pinch hitter,” which was a new vocabulary to them.

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My wife and I also use BOCCO as a message board of a sort, leaving “notes” for our kids on it when leaving for work before they go to school.
We would tell them, “Be sure to lock the door,” and the kids would reply, “Got it!”