The family robot which brings your loved
ones closer.

A Little Family Robot That Relays Messages

BOCCO watches over your children at home when you cannot be there. The BOCCO app on your phone makes it easy for you to exchange messages with them.

Talk with Your Loved Ones at Home

BOCCO can be useful for family conversations after school. Send a message to your children when they get home, and BOCCO will read it out loud in a cute voice for them. What they say on BOCCO in reply to your message will be sent to your phone.

Be Notified When Your Loved One Comes Home

The Vibration Sensor that comes with BOCCO allows you to receive notification when your child comes home and opens the door. There is a growing list of optional sensors available for BOCCO, including the Lock Sensor for your home door.


Find out the idea behind BOCCO, where the name came from,
the design features and more.


Watch some of the actual BOCCO users share their experiences of living with BOCCO.

Video Gallery

Watch instructional and promotional videos.

Information for Developers

The BOCCO API, which enables the robot to talk and obtain data,
is available for developers.